Jen's Wonderful World Of       Sensual Body Rubs
Jen's Tranquil World Of Sensual Body Rubs
I am Jen. Please allow me this opportunity to thank you for looking at my posting and coming to this site. Here I would like to describe myself and my services in detail. I am 36 years old. I stand just 5'7” tall and weigh 125-130 pounds – a perfect size 4! I have perfect, flawless skin, a beautiful face, blue eyes, long blonde hair, and soft curves.

I love gentlemen and I love getting my hands on them! I am patient, loving, gentle. What do you want in a great body rub? Tell me! One thing I consider important: lots of time -- at least an hour and a half together.

I have been professionally trained alongside a friend who introduced me to this new world of body rubs. I have a wonderful location that is quiet, private, and safe.

I provide three separate types of body rubs, all in one session: therapeutic (60 minutes), dermal stimulation (10 minutes), and epidermal stimulation (10 minutes). All of that of course is a great warm up. And after all is said and done, I have more pleasure in store for you -- a hot towel compresses. Then a bit of a rest, perhaps, and maybe a shower.

Let me briefly describe each of the three body rub types. The first body rub is a therapeutic body rub. I use traditional deep-tissue massage techniques -- kneading, rolling, etc.

Professionals have a system. That system is pretty much the same for most professionals, with individual variations and nuances. Professionals divide the human body into sections. The most common division is as follows: neck/head/face, right arm/hand/fingers, left arm/hand/fingers, right leg/foot/toes, left leg/foot/toes, back and buttocks. As each division is completed, the service provider "summarizes" that division. For a proper 60-minute session, each division receives 10 minutes of attention.

Most professionals divide the neck/head/face division into distinct subparts: lower neck muscles, upper neck muscles, scalp, temples, forehead, bridge connection, jaw muscles, chin muscles, lip muscles. I start a session with you lying on the table with your face toward the ceiling. I stand at the “head” of the table and start by relaxing your shoulders and upper back muscles. (about 2 minutes) Then I do a “scalp massage” using two different techniques. First, I use open palms to rock your scalp back and forth slowly. Second, I use firm fingertips to lovingly caress your scalp. I’ll ask which of the two methods you prefer, then use that method. (about 2 minutes) Then I move on to the forehead, using the same type of open palm massage to rock your forehead back and forth slowly. From there, I move on to your temples, starting with the heels of my hands and then switching to my thumbs.

Now the face massage starts in earnest. I move on to the jaw muscles – which are the strongest human muscle as measured by weight. Then the chin and lip muscles. I will then use two index fingertips to massage the pressure points at the bridge of your nose and the base of your ears. I will rub gently your ears! (about 5 minutes for a full face massage)

I will conclude that first division with a 1-minute summary! I will repeat briefly all the steps in the same sequence as originally executed. Now, 10 minutes have elapsed and the first division is finished.

Then it is time to begin the second division. Experts divide the arm/hand/fingers section into two upper arm muscle groups (mostly the biceps and triceps), the forearm muscle groups, and the various hand and finger muscle groups. I will start with your shoulders, stretch out your arms, and work downward toward your hands – upper arm muscles (2 minutes), followed by your lower arm muscles (2 minutes). I have a very special treat for your hands – an interlocking palm massage. I literally use all 10 of my digits to intertwine your 5 digits. You probably do not know just how pleasurable the sensation of having the areas of skin on the sides of your fingers actually is until you experience that pleasure for the first time! Probably no one ever touches that area of your body – not even your wife. The only time in our lives when another human touches us there is when we are holding hands with fingers intertwined – a rare event, and one associated with great romantic pleasure.

When I am done with the fingers (total of 5 minutes on the hand and fingers), I will do a 1-minute summary. I will review briefly the shoulder, upper arm, lower arm, hand and finger massages that we have been through.

Then I will repeat the same process for the other arm/hand/fingers division. The third division will be a mirror image of the second division. And I will follow the exact same process that I followed for the first! PREDICTABILITY. You will know exactly what to expect! (another 10 minutes)

When I move on to the fourth and fifth divisions, you can almost predict what to expect: a sequence very similar to the second and third divisions. In other words, I will follow do your legs/feet/toes just like I did your arms/hands/fingers. The same types of divisions are made of the legs/feet/toes, and again the sensation of having the areas of skin on the sides of the toes touched is an exquisite pleasure few will ever forget! Yes, my index finger will lovingly caress the inter-spaces of your toes one by one (not multiple interlocking like the fingers between there just isn’t enough room!). (2 minutes for upper leg muscles, 2 minutes for lower leg muscles, 5 minutes for the feet/toes, and a 1 minute summary; total of 20 minutes for the two divisions) Sometimes I do the upper and lower leg muscles of both legs so that I can do both feet one right after the other.

But I have a special treat above and beyond the sensuous touching of the toes inter-spaces. I will use a hot towel compress to clean the lotion from your feet!! Have you ever had a hot towel compress applied to your feet in your whole life? It is an exquisite pleasure.

And now on to the sixth and final division. The back consists of the upper back, the middle back, and the lower back. Let's not ignore the butt -- that is where the most powerful muscles of the body -- the upper leg muscles -- connect to the main pelvic bone. That area is always knotted and needs attention. Then the rest of the muscle groups that are found there need attention. EVERY human being on the face of the planet loves a great butt rub!! (you have probably predicted this: 2 minutes on the upper back, 2 minutes on the lower back, 2 minutes on the legs, 3 minutes on the butt, and a 1 minute summary)

Not counting the separate identities of each finger and each toe, there are some 20 separate areas to address, plus the 6 summaries. Add the fingers and toes and there are really 40 separate areas. True professionals hate to conduct a session in less than a full hour because each area barely receives a minute of attention. If you truly love body rubs, try a full 2-hour-on-the-table session. That simply can't be equaled!

After that near-therapeutic body rub, let's move on to the dermal stimulation body rub. This session is designed to stimulate the middle layer of skin. That is much easier to do than it might sound! And in fact you have done it to yourself every day of your life, and your girlfriend / significant other has probably done that for you a few times. It is as simple as a scratch. But try to convince your girlfriend / significant other to scratch your body all over -- 100% -- and you'll find it an unlikely scenario. But that is exactly what I do. In this 2nd type of body rub, I go back over all 6 divisions, all 20 subparts, all 40 sub-subparts, once again -- with a gentle scratching technique. A scratching session of the whole body is one of life’s grandest pleasures.

And after the near-therapeutic body rub followed by the gentle scratching body rub, let's move on to the epidermal body rub. This session is designed to stimulate the outer layer of skin. It is unlikely you have ever felt the extreme pleasure that this type of stimulation provides. For this type of body rub, my very, very soft fingertips ever so gently glide across the outer layer of your skin. I use a touch that is lighter than a feather. In fact, this is called a feather touch. It feels as gentle as the sensation of a single feather gently moving across your skin. It feels heavenly.

But much better than that is the tremendous build-up that you will feel as I approach the last area of your body with this feathery touching. I go in the same order for all three types of body rubs, and that means that the back and butt are last. I will tease your butt and the insides of your upper legs with feathery touches that are extremely pleasurable!

Less noticeable are the subtle things I will do. I have three separate types of teases. Can you guess what they are?

Our time together will take a little over an hour and a half. For our time together, I ask for a donation of $300. Would you like to double the amount of time on the table? ( 3 hours of therapeutic) For that I ask for a donation of $500

Please contact me for a visit at: JenJohnsonBodyRubs@Yahoo.Com

When contacting me, please tell me a little about yourself: age, occupation, local or visiting, etc. Also tell me your phone number and the best time to call you.

Once we set the appointment by email, I will then need a verifiable number to reach you on, to confirm with my address. I do not call Google numbers or Skype numbers or unverifiable numbers.